The Benefits of Having A Private Obstetrician

You have several different options for care during your pregnancy. The mode of care that you choose is an important decision that you can discuss with your General Practitioner. There are many important reasons why care with a private Obstetrician may be the right choice for you.

See the same person each visit

When having your baby with a private Obstetrician you will see the same person each visit. Gill will get to know you thoroughly and you will develop a close relationship with her.

Know who delivers your baby

The majority of the time, the Obstetrician who cares for you during your pregnancy will deliver your baby. You will develop a trusting relationship with Gill, which will help you during your labour and delivery.

The same person for all pregnancies

Your private Obstetrician will be available to care for you for each of your pregnancies. This is the ultimate in continuity of care and enables you to develop a unique and special relationship with Gill.

Care with a fully qualified expert

The care you receive throughout your pregnancy will be delivered by a highly qualified specialist. Gill will look after you whether you have a normal pregnancy and delivery or if things become complicated.

An Obstetrician that you can choose

By choosing private Obstetric care, you are empowered to choose the person you want to care for you during this critical time in your life.

24 hours a day every day

If emergencies arise private care gives you access to a specialist Obstetrician 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Gill will provide you with peace of mind and reassurance during potentially stressful times.

Why having your baby at The Mercy Hospital for Women is a great choice

The Mercy Hospital for Women (MHW) is a tertiary hospital that provides the highest level of care available to pregnant women and their babies in Australia. These are the reasons why having your baby at The Mercy Hospital for Women is a safe and sensible choice.

  • The MWH is a friendly hospital that prides itself on Compassion, Hospitality, Respect, Innovation, Stewardship and Teamwork.
  • The operating theatre at the MHW is staffed 24 hours a day, enabling immediate access in a serious emergency.
  • The MHW has a Level 3 nursery that is capable of caring for the sickest and smallest babies.
  • In the rare event that complications arise, such as needing delivery very early, Gill is able to continue your care at the MHW.
  • Co-location with the Austin Hospital provides the security of nearby critical care, blood bank and pathology services.
  • The MHW is a leading academic and research institution which is affiliated with The University of Melbourne.  As such, it provides tertiary training to doctors and midwives.

Mercy Hospital For Women: LINK HERE

Private Obstetric Care at The Mercy Hospital for Women: LINK HERE


During the course of a normal pregnancy there are numerous consultations, tests and ultrasounds. This Timeline will help you keep track of when these events will occur and where you are in this process. You can use this gestational age calculator  ( to keep track of how many weeks you currently are.

  • Weeks
  • 4-6
    Discover that you are pregnant and see your GP Routine antenatal screening blood tests ordered by GP
    Obtain a referral from your GP Call to make a booking to see Gill
  • 8-10
    First appointment with Gill

    Dating ultrasound scan

  • 10-14
    Option of screening for Down Syndrome: First Trimester Combined Screening or Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening
  • 14
    Review appointment
  • 20
    Morphology ultrasound scan
  • 20-21
    Review appointment
  • 24
    Review appointment
  • 26-28
    Blood tests including screening for gestational diabetes
  • 28
    Review appointment

    Anti-D given if negative blood group

  • 30
    Review appointment
  • 32
    Review appointment

    Whooping cough vaccination

  • 34
    Review appointment

    Anti-D given if negative blood group

  • 36
    Review appointment

    Screening test for Group B Streptococcus

  • 37
    Review appointment
  • 38
    Review appointment
  • 39
    Review appointment
  • 40
    Review appointment

    Planning for post dates management and induction of labour

  • 40-41
    Post dates monitoring, reviews and induction of labour

Please note that this is a guide only.
Care is individualised depending upon the needs and preferences of the patient and her partner.


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Gill delivers four to six patients per month. As one of these patients, you will receive personalised and attentive care. Gill will get to know you well over your pregnancy and come the time of your delivery, you will feel safe in her hands.


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